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RV Spotter is a collection of trip planning tools and resources to assist you in your RV travels. Our tools and content are free to use and paid for by advertisers. Our current features are listed below. If you're not a member of RV Spotter create your account today! Be sure to check back often for the latest service offerings. Members will receive notification of new features when they login.


Planning Your Trip

RV Spotter strives to put all the tools you need to plan your next trip in one convenient location. As avid campers we looked for a convenient way to plan our trips but found that we needed to use several tools to accomplish what seemed to be a simple task. Out of this quest to make our trip planning as easy as possible RV Spotter was born.

RV Spotter offers the following items to assist in planning your next RV outing:

  • Map out your route
  • Track the weather conditions where you're headed
  • Find campgrounds along your route
  • Read campground reviews


Sharing Your Adventures

Once you've planned your trip it's time to hit the road and make some memories. Capture your trip through pictures that you can upload and share with friends. Share your thoughts with your friends and family through your private online journal. Your photos and journals are never shared with the public unless you grant us permission to share those items on the RV Spotter website.

Using RV Spotter you can share your adventure in the following ways:

  • Privately share your trip details with friends and family
  • Connect with other RV Spotter members
  • Share your route other RV Spotter members
  • Share photos of your trip with friends and family
  • Share your photos on RV Spotter
  • Capture the essence of your trip through journaling


Set Reminders

We realize that life often gets in the way and sometimes important things slip through the cracks. With RV Spotter Reminders you can receive alerts about upcoming appointments, service schedules for your rig, warranty expirations and more.


Your RV Community

RV Spotter strives to be the location for all your RV needs. We're constantly adding new services to provide you with the best experience possible. Let us know if there's a specific item that you'd like to see added to RV Spotter. Use our online contact form to share your ideas. We're all in this together!

Safe travels!
The staff at RV Spotter