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El Governor RV Park

01/28/2021 15:08

We had a great time staying at El Governor RV Park in Mexico Beach, FL. Check out our video walk through below or by clicking here. We also reviewed El Governor RV Park on Campground Reviews. It was a really enjoyable stay and we made a lot of new friends. The following is an excerpt […]

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Make quick work of hooking up

10/05/2019 10:57

We recently purchased the Andersen Equalizer hitch system. Before that I was using a spring bar tension hitch that was OK but as the commercials say, OK is not good enough. The Andersen Equalizer hitch is phenomenal. I no longer get pushed around as semi’s pass me on the highway. Connecting and disconnecting the hitch […]

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RV Spotter is Now on Twitter!

09/07/2019 20:31

Be sure to check us on on Twitter.

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RV Replacement Radio – Jensen JWM60A

09/07/2019 16:05

We recently had to replace the entertainment center in our camper. After careful consideration and way more web searching than I should have had to do I chose the Jensen JWM60A. It was a perfect fit for the stock radio/DVD player in our Heritage Glen Forest River. The price was good and we even got […]

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Low Water Pressure at the Campground?

09/07/2019 12:47

Let’s face it. Using a pressure regulator at the campground is highly recommended but the affect it has on your shower can be less than ideal. That trickle of water barely gets you wet let alone rinses off you military shower. Enter the replacement shower head known as Oxygenics. This thing is amazing! Its design […]

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Replacement Filters for your Refrigerator

09/07/2019 08:31

Refrigerators have gotten pretty cool, pun intended! The features they have these days are a far cry from the robust, noisy behemoth’s of days gone by. They’re lined with LED lights to illuminate all angles f the interior. They dispense cold water and ice (crushed if you prefer). And they utilize filters to make the […]

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Keep Up the Pressure

09/07/2019 01:56

One of the most important things that needs to be done as you travel about is to maintain adequate tire pressure. Many trips have been utterly ruined by a blown tire. Blow outs, in the least, can cause damage to your camper but they can also lead to loss of control of your several ton […]

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Important Safety Recall – Forest River

01/16/2018 19:45

Forest River – Important Safety Recall for Kidde Fire Extinguishers Vehicle years 2002-2018 NHTSA RECALL: 17V756 CANADA RECALL: 2017-610 This recall affects two fire extinguisher styles: Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles – fire extinguisher may become clogged or require excessive force to activate. Pindicator/Push Button Fire Extinguishers – excessive force may be required to activate. This Recall does […]

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Cutting Through a Campsite

08/18/2016 18:04


We all have pet peeves. Some of them are more peevey than others. This is one of those for us. As we travel around the country we’ve noticed an issue that occurs far more frequently than we would have thought. We’ve been asked by many of our fellow RV’ers what we think about other folks […]

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RV Spotter – Coming Soon

08/03/2016 16:15


  The RV Spotter website is opening soon. We’ll be accepting beta-testers for our soft launch within a week and plan to have the site open to the public by the end of September. RV Spotter will be your one-stop place for all things RV. Our staff crawls the web and consolidates the most current RV […]

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